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SpritePad is a free cross-development tool for designing sprite images and animations for the Commodore 64 computer.

General Program Features...

Edit and animate multi-colour and high-resolution sprite images.
Overlay support allows the designing of multiple sprites as one for added colour and definition.
Rotation tool with variable angle limiter, auto-generates rotation sequences.
Import/Export data in a variety of useful formats.
Many useful operations such as scroll, flip, reflect and negative.
Multiple levels of undo/redo.

Some of the improvements and changes in the latest version (coming soon)...

Complete conversion/overhaul using C#/.NET framework.
Converted from single-document to multi-document interface.
Added support for tiles (up to 4 x 4).
Increased animation window size (now 8 x 4).
Added new project file format (SPD v2).
Several bug fixes and editing features added.


SpritePad 2.0 Beta 1 - July 2014

SpritePad 1.8.1 - June 2011

SpritePad 1.7 - October 2010

SpritePad 1.5 - January 2003