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FinalTAP is a free tool for examining, cleaning and restoring digitized data cassette tapes (TAP files) for the Commodore 64 computer.


Five years in development, FinalTAP is the original "format-scanning" TAP file analysis and restoration tool.

Driven by huge demand from retro-gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world wishing to preserve their rapidly-decaying 1980's cassette based software for future generations to marvel at and enjoy, the FinalTAP project slowly became a reality.

Cassette tapes were easily the most common format for computer software in the UK in the 1980's and their slow loading times were typically made more bearable by the inclusion of "loading music" and pictures, even mini-games that could be played whilst waiting for the game to load.

Accurate preservation of this novel and historically important medium was simply essential.

General Program Features...

• Cleans and restores TAP files to perfect "factory" condition.
• Supports 40 tape file formats + many variations.
• Verifies all contained data where checksums are available.
• Export data from TAP files as regular binary.
• Built-in 6502 Disassembler.


FinalTAP 2.7 - Current version, February 2005.


In 2006 the source code for FinalTAP (Win32 console version) was released to the public under the GNU General Public License, this was to allow other interested parties to continue to expand and improve the software core and permit new tape formats to become supported without depending on us to provide frequent updates.

(Five years working on this stuff was really enough for us!)

This original source code release is available here...

FinalTAP 2.76 Console - Source Code

You are free to download, modify, rebuild and distribute this software so long as ALL the terms of the GNU General Public License are adhered to.

To the best of our knowledge there is only one group who are actively and publicly working on a project based on our original source code and their project is known as TAPClean

If you are interested in developing the original FinalTAP sources you might want to first consider joining or contributing to their project, they have been actively studying and documenting unknown tape file formats (aka loaders) for some years since FinalTAP's last release and are very likely to welcome you onboard.