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CharPad Pro shares the same code base as CharPad Free but includes some useful and powerful additional features, many of which have recently been requested and commissioned by Thalamus Digital Publishing for use in their latest productions.

Version 2.7.6 was released on 24/7/2020 and can be purchased/downloaded from

nb. This product only needs to be purchased once and all future updates will then be available free to buyers.

You will just need to visit and log in to your account.

You may need to click "Buy Now" and choose the "I already paid for this" link and then enter the e-mail address that you used when making your original purchase.

nb. To avoid any potential copyright issues, the examples included with this package are also available as a free downloaded from here




General Program Features...

• Design character sets, tile sets and maps.
• Pixel level editing of whole tiles at once (or by placing char images).
• Edit character materials for collision detection purposes.
• Load and save SEUCK (Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit) compatible background files.
• VICE Snapshot Ripper, extract level data from existing games.
• Many useful operations such as scroll, flip, reflect and negative.
• Multiple levels of undo/redo.

New for the 2.6 version...

• Export - One-click export of all essential binaries.
• Project - Conversion from per-char to per-tile colouring using suitable tests/warnings.
• General - Maximum tile size is now 10 x 10.
• General - Countless code optimizations and bug-fixes.
• Compressor - Sort characters by colour (ascending).
• Compressor - Sort tiles by colour (ascending).
• Image import - Increased capacity up to 500,000 character images (was 65536).
• Image import - Much faster algorithm.
• Binary/Text export - Map data by selected area only.
• Text export - Char/Tile usage statistics.
• Map editor - Box highlighting of "current" cell.
• Map editor - Area fill (solid/incremental).
• Map editor - Delete row/column.
• Map editor - Insert blank row/column.
• Map editor - Dimensions of the selected area shown in status bar.
• Tile editor - Char "Picker" tool.
• Editors/sets - Next/Previous item with keyboard shortcut (F1/F2).
• Editors/sets - Zoom level in status bar.
• Editors/sets - Zoom level shortcut (CTRL + mouse wheel).
• Sets - Mouse wheel for vertical scroll.
• Sets - Box highlighting of "current" items (left/right mouse buttons).

The additional features in the "Pro" Edition include...

• Support for the VIC-II's Extended Colour Mode (ECM).
• Colour palette editing in RGB, HSL and YUV formats.
• Text Entry tool allows typing text directly into the map editor using a chosen key map.
• Tiles can be named and tagged with byte values for coding convenience (source code export).
• General - Data can be copied/pasted between program instances.
• Maps can be subdivided for export using the new "Flexi-Grid" feature.
• Map data can be exported in 8, 12 and 16 bit formats (12/16 bit allows more than 256 tiles to be referenced).